Compensations and gear reform FAQ


Compensations and gear reform FAQ

Compensations and gear reform FAQ

You’ve asked us a lot of questions related to the gear reform. We decided to collect them together in one place so that the answers can reach a wider audience and satisfy your curiosity. ;) Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Will looted gear have empty slots only or will it have drifs that we can extract?
Looted gear will have empty slots, drifs will need to be acquired separately. The only exception will be epics that will have their modifiers already inserted, but you won’t be able to extract them.

Will changes to epics 1.0 be made at the time of the update or will we have to wait for epics 2.0?
They’ll be made at the time of the update but for now it won’t make a difference to you. Their power will be similar to the current one. You won’t be able to extract modifiers from them and replace them with others. It’s possible that when we implement epics 2.0, we’ll change how epics 1.0 work (while retaining their power).

Will the current modifier limits be removed?

How will we be able to acquire new drifs?
By killing bosses and champions currently available in the game. Once changeable instance difficulty is implemented, you’ll be able to loot better and rarer drifs.

Will I need a special item to insert and extract drifs?
No for insertion, yes for extraction.

Will gear have a maximum of 3 drifs per piece and 3 attribute slots? That’s what was shown in the concept art.
There’ll be a maximum of 3 drif slots. As for attributes, we plan to add only a single slot, but this may change after testing.

Will there be a penalty for extracting drifs?
If a payment is a penalty, then yes. ;)

Will some modifiers lack a drif version, e.g. mana drain, mental defense penetration, cheat fate, extra AP?
Zero-one modifiers, like cheat fate or extra AP, will not be converted into drifs. They will remain the properties of gear itself. The rest will be converted into drifs but some of them won’t be extractable or lootable.

Will looted drifs be bound to the character?
No, you can freely trade them. Drifs bind to the user after inserting them into gear.

You said there would be diminishing returns for modifiers. Does this apply only to modifiers from drifs or synergetics, too (e.g. I have 10% Farid’s Jump from drifs and 40% from synergetics, will I get 50% Farid’s Jump or less)?
Diminishing returns come into effect not at a certain modifier value but when a player inserts too many of the same type of drif into the gear. When this happens, the total modifier will be decreased by a certain percent, no matter what gear the modifier is coming from. This means that if you have 10% Farid’s Jump from at least three drifs and 40% from synergetics, the diminishing returns will apply to the full 50%, not 10%.

You also had a lot of questions about existing gear. They were mostly about one thing – what you can expect when you log into the game after the update. We have developed some solutions making sure that they are non-invasive and fair. There were many cases and scenarios, so we sometimes had to use the “golden mean” solution. Here’s a list of all changes you can expect:

  • Legendary gear (rares and psychorares) will be converted into a single gear type (they’ll be the same color).
  • Modifiers in repaired legendary gear will be converted into drifs. They will be inserted into the slots unless this would exceed the drif capacity (meaning that the piece of gear had modifiers of such potency that they no longer fit into it) – in this case the extra drif will be moved to the backpack or deposit. The drifs will be bound to the gear’s owner.
  • When converting modifiers into drifs, there’ll be a limit of one repaired piece of gear of the same name per character, except for rings where the limit is two (unless a gear piece has multiple names as a result of its name changing in the past). This means that if someone had, e.g. two Batagurs, after they update they’ll have one Batagur with drifs inserted and one that is empty. The gear with the most psychoexperience will be chosen first or, if the amount of psychoexperience is the same, the older item will be used.
  • Damaged gear – it will be completely empty, without any modifiers. In this case, modifiers will not be converted into drifs.
  • Undamaged gear – the conversion of modifiers into drifs will be similar to that in repaired gear. The only difference is that the resulting drifs will be bound to the character the gear is currently on. If the gear is in a deposit, they’ll be bound to the main character.
  • The following items that have more than one version: Aquariuses, Tsunami, Executor / Master of Fate / Wrath of the Forgotten, Utorian Sparks / Seimhi Claws will be combined into a single version. Their names and images will be changed to those of Master of Fate and Seimhi Claws.
  • Dissolver – it will have its modifier extracted and returned to the backpack as a drif. The ring will have its value, required level, rank and item type changed – it’ll become a shop item. We will also refund the gold spent to buy it – if the Dissolver was bought before October 30th, 2020, 20 000 000 gold will be returned. Dissolvers bought after this date will give you 12 000 000 gold.
  • The psychoexperience from gear will be transferred to the drifs – each drif will have the same amount of experience as the gear multiplied by ten. For example, if a player had two modifiers in a piece of gear and it had 100 experience, they’ll get two drifs with 1000 experience each. In practice, they’ll be at the same level as before.
    The multiplication is related to the changes in the number of psycholevels (there’ll be more of them and subsequent ones will be added) and in the psychoexperience gained from mobs and tasks (you’ll be getting ten times more). Thanks to this, psychoexperience will be divided among several pieces of gear without the player seeing that the gear gained 0 points of experience. At the same time, progress will be more visible (drifs will level up more frequently at lower levels).
  • Epics – the experience-gaining modifiers will be changed into drifs, but you won’t be able to extract them.
  • Sets – they will remain unchanged for now.
  • Legendary pet gear – it’ll remain unchanged.
  • Synergetics will now have requirements, except for Miris and Eriba.
  • The attributes of the majority of gear will be changed and adjusted to the new system. Upgrades will stay as they are.