Update - the Winged Lady and the Gear Reform


Update - the Winged Lady and the Gear Reform

Hello Taernians,

Yet another Broken Ranks update is just around the corner! Prepare for changes in gear, a new sidequest, an endgame instance together with an introductory quest, and many fixes and improvements.

The update will go live on 04/04 at 10:00 CEST. Once the patch is implemented and the servers go online, the game client will automatically download the changes. If this doesn’t happen, you can use the files integrity check button located next to PLAY in the game client.

The update features:

  • Sidraga instance together with the boss and legendary loot,
  • introductory quest for the instance (The Winged Lady),
  • gear overhaul which is the first part of the gear reform,
  • the spring event (Bunny Marathon) - fixes and new skins,
  • new sidequest (Repulsive Relative),
  • many fixes and improvements (including those suggested by you).

Gear Overhaul

The gear reform is something we’re sure you’re waiting for and no wonder - the changes are huge. As we mentioned, the reform will be divided into several steps, but this will be the biggest and most important. We wanted to lay a solid foundation, meet your expectations, and make the gameplay more exciting at all stages. Of course, we’ll be monitoring the situation in case additional balancing or fixes are needed.

Now a small reminder for those who haven’t been following the articles too closely. The most important part will be the introduction of a new gear customization system that will give you many more options. You’ll be able to insert modifiers (in the form of the so-called drifs) into legendary gear. Of course, there’ll be some limitations - we don’t want some builds to become overpowered. You’ll be able to combine drifs into more powerful versions, extract them by paying a fee, and place them in other gear pieces.


In addition to that, rares and psychorares will now become a single category. Each legendary gear piece will give you the option of inserting experience-gaining drifs.

Whew, the short summary is done. ;) If you haven’t read our gear reform and compensations FAQ, we strongly encourage you to catch up - HERE.

We also encourage you to take a look at the changelog which will be published more or less at the time of the update.

It’s a really big and complex subject, so we’re the more grateful for your dedication and valuable feedback! We’re happy that we can continue counting on you ;)

Face the Winged Lady

The knowledge of the past sometimes escapes the memory of the living. However, the dead never forget…

Help a scholar discover more about the history of the Vorlings. Make the dead reveal their ancient secrets and acquire a powerful artifact once owned by Morana. The artifact that was once supposed to let the Ice Lady overpower her greatest foe. The foe that may still be hidden somewhere in the unreachable ice rifts, waiting for a chance to get revenge…

You can start your adventure with the new location with the quest The Winged Lady. It’ll give you more information about the history of the Vorlings and Morana.

*You can take the quest from Joen in the Beirn inn if you are at least level 135.


Your task will be to get to the ancient hall, hidden deep inside an ice rift. However, descending the wall of ice is just a beginning - you’ll have to face the monsters guarding the place and then solve puzzles that will require your whole party to cooperate. Your main target, the Lady of this place, will not show up until you can prove that you are worthy, so you’ll have to defeat her most fanatical worshippers first.

When you defeat the boss, you’ll get a chance to acquire the following legendary items:

  • Gift of the Winged Lady (ring),
  • Remigeses (physical gloves),
  • Hellar’s Judgment (magical belt),
  • Vengur (physical cape),
  • Voglers (magical gloves).

It’s going to be a challenge for the strongest of us. Will you falter or will you prevail?

Repulsive Relative

We also have something for players at a slightly lower level. An unwelcome guest has appeared in Khemenak. He’s quite an unusual khold from the distant Magroth. The citizens of Khemenak clain that the newcomer is interfering with their work and compounding their innate xenophobia. Will you help the kholds get rid of the intruder? Or maybe you’ll discover his true purpose? The future of Khemenak lies in your hands…

Spring Event - Bunny Marathon

Since you’re already here, we’d like to invite you to yet another edition of the spring event. The Bunny Marathon will last 72h and start on April 08th at 9AM CEST.

Make time, because it’ll be worth it! Apart from dungeon entry items, experience, utility items, and other prizes, you’ll be able to get a new skin that will be a part of a new event skin set (added during the event every year).

If your memory fails you or you haven’t participated in the event yet, we’ll give you more details about it in another article that will soon be published on our website. You’ll also be able to admire the new skin ;)

Thank you for your support, may you have many adventures and a lot of fun!