Premium options: changes, fixes, plans. Summary


Premium options: changes, fixes, plans. Summary

Hello Taernians!

We are truly thankful for the many messages regarding premium currency, its use, and the functioning of the options related to it. It allowed us to take a fresh look at some of the aspects. Moreover, it would be a shame not to use the feedback to improve this feature of the game. We want to emphasize that we are always open to sensible arguments and, whenever possible, we will try to meet the needs of our players. We are very pleased because such a lot of feedback also means great interest.

We have already introduced minor but necessary corrections (some of them can be found in our changelogs). For the sake of consistency of information, we have decided to collect everything into one news, and inform you about the planned changes and current activities.

How to handle platinum?

As we already mentioned, the purchased platinum appears in the inventory (backpack), in the so-called a box / boxes as an item that you can trade with other players. To use it, just drag the package onto the character. Then you can spend it on premium items / services offered in the game.

It is important that platinum dragged onto a character (an unpacked box) can no longer be traded between players.

The system that allows currency trading is not standard in games, so it wasn’t clear to many people that purchased platinum shows up in the backpack. We have added the relevant information in the payment window (before the purchase).

Changes to the premium account

We have also expanded the scope of the premium account. Earlier, we announced that its bonuses will only apply to servers within one language. For example, premium purchased on the US server worked on the English-speaking EU, but no longer transferred to the German server. We have decided to slightly change this rule.
From now on, bonuses from a premium account purchased on any of the servers listed below will be shared by:

  • EU2 Drakemer
  • EU3 Hulia
  • US1 Dramon
  • US2 Thaor
  • DE1 Kahiris
  • FR1 Rylia

It does not apply to servers transferred from The Pride of Taern. For example, the premium account purchased on Tolnor (PL1) also works on Ostlor (PL2). However, activated on Thalia (EU1) works only there - the same principle is on the Pavar server (RU1).

It also does not apply to other (not listed) servers - there, the premium account works within the given language versions.
We hope that such a system will be more comfortable for players who use more than one language and want to enjoy the game on different servers.

Will the system of transferring the appearance of skins purchased in the store be changed?

As we already wrote, we realize that the system of transferring the appearance of premium skins and other special skins (e.g. event skins) to individual parts of eq is currently not very comfortable.

The mechanism for transferring their appearance was ultimately supposed to be a separate system. Temporarily the "morphing" mechanism was implemented, which refers to the transfer of appearance, e.g. from rares.

We want to meet the community's expectations and we have already outlined a new appearance transfer system, dedicated to special skins (including premium skins). It will be uploaded in the days before the introduction of Valentine's event skins.

What will it look like? A one-time fee will be required to purchase the skins in the store. Then, in a simple way, you will be able to change the look of the equipment you are wearing, without any additional fees.

Example: You have a skin of an armor. In the inventory view, just drag it over the armor you are currently wearing. You can also separate a skin by right-clicking on it. So separated, it will be ready to be used on another armor.

The change will only apply to special skins (event, shop, etc.). As a result, skins previously purchased in our Premium Shop will also be subject to the new system. What does it mean? You will be able to easily change the appearance of your equimpent, without paying a fee related to "morphing" the appearance.

We want the appearance transfer system to be less troublesome and more player-friendly.


We have added relevant information to the Premium Shop, and introduced minor - but necessary - fixes and security measures (such as preventing throwing away of platinum packages from the inventory) to save players from inconvenience.

All premium currency losses resulting from the lack of relevant information or errors have already been mostly compensated by our support.

Recently introduced changes

  • We’ve fixed the issue with players with special characters in their name not being able to buy platinum.
  • We’ve added a message notifying you if you have not enough currency to e.g. expand the deposit, buy a pet, item, gear, or platinum item.
  • Added information about morphing in the premium skins window.
  • Added information about the cost of skills and attributes reset.
  • The number of potions bought in shops is now displayed.
  • Fixed an error that prevented platinum chests from spawning in large areas (except for the Trentis area - the chests won’t spawn there).
  • Fixed the description of the Heal pet option in guild cages - the price shown was incorrect.
  • Fixed an error with premium lottery - it worked once per account instead once per premium.
  • Platinum boxes can no longer be dropped.
  • Updated the model of the greaves from the Demon Hunter set.
  • Fixed an error with the display of platinum paid for friends list slots and avatar elements. The UI displayed double the amount, but after relogging, the amount went back to normal. Now both the displayed and paid amounts are correct.

Further plans and updates

As we already wrote, in further updates on premium options, we want to focus on adding more customization opportunities. Therefore, we will focus on new avatar elements and skins (both individual elements and whole sets).

Soon, several special event skins will be added to the game, but more on that in a separate entry.

We will introduce the ability to colorize your equipment in a larger update over time, which will allow you to stand out from other players even more. We also plan pet (companions) skins.

We will keep you updated on everything.

We are grateful for all your feedback and we hope that, if possible, with appropriate communication, the world of Broken Ranks will develop at a rapid pace.

Thank you for being with us.

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