Update. Marketplace


Update. Marketplace

Hello, Taernians!

The next update from this year’s Broken Ranks roadmap is drawing closer. With it, we’ll introduce a long-awaited feature - the Marketplace.

The update will go live on June 16th. We’ll let you know the exact time on our social media channels, so follow them carefully. Once the update is implemented and servers go back online, the game client will download the changes automatically.

You can expect the following in the next update:

  • the marketplace where you’ll be able to freely trade items,
  • sidequest,
  • new gear skins,
  • gear rank optimizations and flask changes related to them,
  • plenty of fixes and improvements (including those reported by you).


Many of you have been awaiting the Marketplace and it’s no wonder. After all, trading is the basic element of almost every MMORPG and affects, among others, your character development speed. Taking this fact into consideration, we wanted the trading system to be polished, simple, and functional.

The way the Marketplace works will be similar to that of marketplaces from other games but… it’ll surely make gameplay more attractive, engaging, and make your character develop faster.

You need to know that this won’t be an auction house - you’ll only be able to sell and buy items at set prices, without an auction. It should be obvious to everyone that there’ll be a fee for putting an item on the marketplace and for selling it. The aforementioned fees will be paid in the currency you want to sell your wares in.

You’ll be able to use the Marketplace in one of two variants - a basic one and a “buffed” one. Thanks to the buff, you’ll be able to place more offers and it’ll take longer for your offers to expire. Also, the fees will be lower. In any case, the system will for sure facilitate trading, no matter if you have the buff or not. After all, it’ll save you a lot of time and you’ll be able to buy items from any place in the game. You also won’t need to “spam” the trade chat with your offers.

You’ll be able to put items for sale via the deposit by dragging them onto a special field. After you set the price you want for the item, it’ll be automatically placed on the Marketplace. You can access the Marketplace by clicking an icon in the main interface or in the deposit window.

Also, you won’t need to be in the deposit to buy items. After clicking BUY, the bought goods will be automatically placed in the deposit marked as the one receiving items from the Marketplace.

Basic variant:

  • a maximum of 10 offers at the same time,
  • offer duration: a maximum of 7 days,
  • marketplace fee: 1% of value (paid in advance),
  • selling feei: 3% of the sell price

Buffed variant:

  • a maximum of 100 offers at the same time,
  • offer duration: a maximum of 30 days,
  • marketplace fee: 0.5% of value (paid in advance),
  • selling feei: 1.5% of the sell price

Updated Infiltration

Infiltration is a quest our veterans surely know but… after the update goes live you’ll be able to complete it in an updated version. A good story is an inseparable element of the Broken Ranks world, so have fun!

*You can take the quest from the corpse in the house on the Dmorther Cliff if you are level 84 or higher.

New skins

Some of you like to experiment with the appearance of your characters or simply want to feel more immersed when playing as a particular class. That’s why we’ve added a new skin set for spellcasters - the Plague Doctor.

“Poor hygiene among the citizens of Haligard, the war in Taern, and widespread poverty are excellent conditions for an epidemic to break out. If you want to look like a Plague Doctor who brings relief to ordinary mortals with science and magic, this outfit is for you.”


The set will be available in several color variants.


Other changes in the June update

The upcoming update will include one more element which introduces several small and big changes and is related to flask creation - gear rank rebalance. The current system is quite dated. It has some errors and inconsistencies that we decided to fix. Of course, we took into account the current state of the game so that the changes aren’t too radical for people who already own gear. Below you can find a table with all the details. Be sure to check it out.


Due to the changes above, we’ve adjusted flasks in quest rewards and mob loot. You should now be given the appropriate type for your level. Also, you’ve been giving us a lot of feedback about flask crafting and in response to it we’ll adjust the weight of some looted ingredients and also the size of flasks needed to create or revive recipe pets, and those needed to enter the instances of Ivravul and Draugul.

If you have any flasks stored and it turns out you need their smaller versions, don’t worry. After the update, a new NPC will appear who will let you downgrade your flasks without any fees. The NPC will be available for two weeks after the update.

In addition to that, shop gear will also be changed. Its power will be adjusted, meaning that it’ll be better than before, and their prices will be reduced.

Of course, apart from the changes to gear listed above, we’ll implement many minor improvements and fixes, some of which have been reported by you. Thanks for the help! At the time of the update, we’ll publish a changelog with a full list of changes.

In the next update…

Still in this quarter, we’ll introduce one more big update that will include:

  • the Puppet Master instance,
  • an introductory quest for the Puppet Master instance,
  • the first part of the achievements system.

In addition to that, as we announced previously, you can expect the second part of the Ars Moriendi quest to also be released in June. It’ll be a continuation of the story of the Castle Specter.

We want the world of Broken Ranks to be more and more immersive with every updateł We hope that, with time, it’ll become a second home for you.