For our veterans: updating rares to the new versions


For our veterans: updating rares to the new versions

Changing the old rares to their new version is something a lot of our veterans from The Pride of Taern have been waiting for. We’ve finished working on a script that will make it happen.

The change will be part of the patch implemented on February 23rd. You can see the full changelog HERE.


  • All old legendary items in the game will have their properties updated.
  • Tetanus, Urntsul and Pain will be changed from 1H weapons to staves (the weapon type will be updated). Their appearance will also change. Their damage type will remain the same.
  • Master's Collar will now have the right modifier value.
  • Doom of the People and Draugul's Pledge will now be psychorares.
  • Torments - psychorare scaling of “Mental defense penetration” will change from 1%/lvl to 2%/lvl.
  • Opener will receive a new psychomodifier - double attack.
  • Aeterus Passio, Morana's Embrace, Vogurun ,Yurugu, Marshes, Fraxes, Coriatula, Current, Aquenirs, Skogan, Mauremys, Mallus Selenorum, Thorn, Admiral Trident, Admiral's Ermine Robe, Inavoxes, Takerons, Envils, Draugul's Hatred, Morana's Love, Morana's Memory - the psychomodifier bonuses will be adjusted to the new values.

Old Bartaurs will be changed to Brunnle in the next update.

We will change damage, repaired, and undamaged items. Every person who has their rares changed, has logged in the last 6 months, and is at least level 30 will get an attributes and skills reset flask.

We would like to make it clear once again that the rares will change only on the old servers (Tolnor, Ostlor, Thalia, and Pavar).

Other issues related to the rare items update:

If an item has 5 stars, will it still have 5 stars?

Yes, the number of stars will not change.

Will the durability of items change?

No, we aren’t changing their durability.

Will the value of items change?

Yes, the value in the item properties window may change.

Will the upgrades change?

No, all upgrades will remain the same.