TaernCon 2022 is getting closer


TaernCon 2022 is getting closer

TaernCon has been bringing our most dedicated fans together for a long time. After two years of the pandemic, we’re back with our convention in the only true version - live. Get ready - the first Broken Ranks community gathering since the release is on the horizon!

TaernCon 2022

TaernCon is drawing ever closer and so is the wonderful atmosphere, exciting challenges (with prizes), and frolicking together with friends. Our veterans know this event very well, but we hope that our new players will also take part in the assault on Wrocław. Join us and let’s have fun together!


It’s said that in the world of MMORPGs, we have our second, better lives. You meet new people, cooperate, perhaps even become friends outside the game. However, most of all you’re having fun while taking a break from the routine of everyday life. We know this very well - we’re players, too. At every opportunity, we try to emphasize that making connections is the basis for creating a community and TaernCon is the perfect time to tighten our bonds. Do you like the game? Let’s meet - perhaps the people whose characters you see all the time on the map will become closer to you than ever before.


On July 2nd, 2022 in Wrocław (Poland), the world of fiction will merge with reality and “Zaklęte Rewiry” will become a place where you create new, wonderful memories.

Trivia and Cosplay

Apart from the revelries, there will also be the staple, iconic elements, such as the trivia and cosplay competitions (once again on stage and not online!).

Do you think that you’ve uncovered all the secrets of the world of Broken Ranks? You have the arcane knowledge, remember all the elements needed to make the collar by heart, and know all the buff combinations on the Admiral? This is the competition for you! It’s a battle where knowledge and reaction time are essential. Take up the challenge, become the Taernian trivia champion, and get wonderful prizes!

Cosplay has always been one of the most exciting elements of the convention. Due to the high level of the costumes, the jury often had a very difficult time choosing the winners. Cosplay as your favorite mob, boss, NPC, or a character from the world of Broken Ranks. Walk the catwalk to get prizes and the title of the best cosplayer in Taern!

Some of you may not know what Taernian cosplay looks like, so here are some photos from previous years:




Of course, our professional cosplayer, Tentacle Creations cosplaying as the Broken Ranks knight, will also be there and you’ll be able to take many photos with him to remember the event ;)


Address, signups, details

TaernCon 2022 will take place on July 2nd, 2022 at “Zaklęte Rewiry”, ul. Krakowska 100 in Wrocław (Poland).

You can sign up now by filling out the Google Form HERE.

Those who sign up beforehand with the form above will get a unique Broken Ranks lanyard with an identifier. The number of spots is limited, so if you’re sure you’ll come, don’t hesitate and sign up ;)

Of course, you’ll also get a chance to win the event t-shirt.

Signups will close on 15.06.2022

The first, official part (with the opening ceremony, trivia, and cosplay) is open to everyone, no matter the age. However, if you are below 18, you’ll have to bring your parent or guardian with you or have their written consent (the consent must include the name of the parent/guardian with whom you’ll come to Wrocław, their telephone number and a consent to the processing of your personal data).

Later on, we’ll begin the second, unofficial part of the event, for adults only.

As always, we’ll publish photos from TaernCon on our Facebook.

At a later date, we’ll publish a more detailed schedule together with the list of prizes so that you can prepare accordingly. Come and have fun with us! We will do our best to welcome our non Polish players and make them comfortable!