Rules of account transfers from Taern to BR


Rules of account transfers from Taern to BR

Hello Taernians,

The procedure of transferring accounts from The Pride of Taern (2D) to Broken Ranks (BR) is one of the most important issues on our mind. To make everything clear, here’s an FAQ.

How are you going to transfer our accounts?

When Broken Ranks is released, we will launch copies of all Taernian servers in Broken Ranks. Your game progress and everything you have on your account will be copied: gear, items, premium features, etc.

You don’t need to declare that you want to move to Broken Ranks - all accounts will be transferred automatically. From 11AM GMT on January 25th to 1PM GMT on January 26th, all 2D servers will be turned off. After the transfer, all characters in The Pride of Taern will be blocked. They will get unblocked if you decide to go back.

However, the Russian 2D server will remain as it is. Players will have to decide whether they want to move to Broken Ranks.

More instructions on how to decide where you want to play will be added to our FAQ at the latest on January 25th in the morning.

Will I be able to return to The Pride of Taern?

Yes, but you’ll have to decide within 30 days from the time you first log into your account after the release. Remember that you can make the decision for each character separately. More instructions on how to go back will be added to our FAQ on January 25th in the morning at the latest.

To be clear - yes, you can play 2D with some of your characters, and Broken Ranks with others. However, if you decide to go back to The Pride of Taern, this decision will be irreversible.

Will I keep my items and progress from Broken Ranks if I return to 2D?

No. If you return to 2D, your progress will be reversed to the moment when your character was blocked. This is true for gear, experience, items, premium features, etc.

Are you going to close 2D after the release of BR?

No. There are no plans to close registration or make it impossible to play 2D.

Will new players be able to play on “old” Broken Ranks servers?

Yes, they will. They will be free to choose whichever server they want.

Will premium accounts and the alt bonus work on new servers?

At the beginning, the alt bonus will be disabled on new servers. Some elements of the game have been changed and rebalanced, so we want new players to get to know the game at their own pace.

As for premium accounts, they will not work on new servers. The bonuses and the price have changed and we don’t want some players to have a big advantage right from the start.

Since a lot of quests have changed, will we be able to complete their refreshed versions again?

There have been a lot of changes to quests - not only to dialogues but also to mechanics. Some of them have been refreshed, some reworked so much they are completely different now (e.g. Bloody Courtship). On top of that, Broken Ranks quests are not compatible with their counterparts from The Pride of Taern - it’s impossible to transfer quest progress. Due to this, all transferred characters will have their quest progress reset (except for the prologue). Every character will have the prolog quest (Final Order) completed and the next quest (Strange Voyage) started at the point where we land in Trentis.

Quests related to instances/locations that won’t be available at the release won’t be active - they’ll be added in post-launch updates. The same is true for Shadows of the Past, Life’s a Dream (even though the quest is temporarily unavailable, the instance associated with it will be available), and Infiltration.

Some instances won’t be available at the release. What about entry items for those instances?

The entry items will be transferred to Broken Ranks normally. You won’t be able to use them at the start, but you won’t lose them either.

Will rares dropped from unavailable bosses be removed?

No, we aren’t going to remove them.

What about skins, morphs, and pigments?

Skins, morphs, and the ability to morph will be available normally at the release. As for pigments, gear with changed colors will go back to default. The ability to change gear color will be added later and you’ll be compensated then.

Will guilds also be transferred? What will change?

Yes, guilds from 2D will also be transferred (actually, copied) to Broken Ranks. However, the ability to buy guild land will be temporarily unavailable while we work on the guild land map.

Escorts will take you directly to the guild headquarters, which will work normally. Guild teleportation scrolls will also work.

We’ve also rebalanced the Teleportation Tower and the Temple of Blessings. The sequence of locations and buffs will be different. You’ll need to fully upgrade these buildings to get access to every bonus.

Will achievements be transferred?

Achievements will be added at a later date. We know that this element is important for players, but it also has a huge overall potential, so we want to work on it some more. Of course, your current progress will not be lost (everything is on our database) and new boss kills will still count, but you won’t be able to see this.

Will you change the properties of gear?

Yes, the script that changes the properties of gear will be run some time after the release. However, you’ll be able to loot gear with the new properties from bosses/champions starting from the release. At the beginning, we won’t change the appearance of Pain, Urnstul and Tetanus (they'll still be swords), but they’ll become staves at a later date.

Will you change the abilities system?

Yes, it’ll change with the release. The new system is more complex than in 2D. Every ability can be leveled up to 21. Ability levels are divided into three tiers of attunement - apprentice, adept, and master. You’ll be able to specialize more in a single ability, but you will never be able to max out everything.

The sequence of abilities has also changed and some abilities have been rebalanced. Due to this, every player will get a Skills and Attributes Reset Flasks.

Is there anything else that won’t be available at the release, but you haven’t mentioned it earlier?

You can find some information in our FAQ.

We’re still working on some unique gear skins, especially those related to special events. They will be replaced by other, temporary skins.

The same is true for special pets - the Nazgulette and Badger. They’ll also get a temporary appearance.

As for avatars, the customization system is completely different, so we’re sure you’ll be happy to hear that all of you will get a free appearance change so that you can make your characters look like you want them to.

Some rare mobs will get a temporary appearance.

Some tasks have changed. Tasks from Brunon the Sharper, Kzahar and Gzegr will not be available at the release.

What about people who use 32bit Windows?

On the day of the release (January 25th), we’ll give you a patch together with the installation instructions. The process will become automatic at a later date - we’re still working on it.

Will you give us more information about monetization?

The final article about monetization in Broken Ranks will be published on Monday. It’ll include information about premium accounts, platinum as well as the items you can buy with it, and prices.