PvP system rework


PvP system rework

Hello, Taernians!

We announced changes to PvP some time ago, together with the update to the roadmap. We want the system to be more friendly to new players and also more engaging for our veterans. Read on to learn more!

PvP rework – Q4 2022

At first, we were planning to introduce a basic version of the PvP system and gradually add extra features to it. However, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to implement a more complex and better-developed system from the start. We took this path and, in the next update, you will get more changes in player versus player battles than we planned at the beginning (some features were to be introduced at a much later date).

However, there must be balance so everything comes at the expense of something. That’s why some of the items from the Q4 need to be moved. Why? Because most of our strength was spent preparing the PvP system that we wanted to present to you in full. Completely open PvP is something that may discourage some players from continuing their journey in the world of Broken Ranks. This is something we and, surely, you don’t want (after all, the more players, the bigger the fun!). The results of surveys we sent some time ago to players who decided to stop playing the game confirm our conclusions.

For this reason, gear rework and changeable difficulty level of instances will be introduced later on (we’ll let you know about the approximate time when we update our roadmap). We simply want to dedicate more time to these matters to give you a more polished product. It’s really not as easy as it may seem. ;) Similarly, Act 3 of the main storyline will be implemented later, but it won’t be divided into parts so that you can enjoy the engaging story of Taernians more deeply (and for longer). Believe us… returning to Thalia will be worth the wait!

Okay, let’s go back to PvP. We know that many of you love it and that the current system doesn’t have much in terms of rewards – it’s something you’ve been drawing our attention to a lot. Moreover, it shouldn’t interfere with the gameplay of those who want to enjoy other, more peaceful, aspects of Broken Ranks.

The most important changes to PvP

Together with the December update, we’ll publish the changelog, but we’ve decided that it’d be better if some of the most important changes were explained beforehand.

The current statuses of Hunter, Killer, and Sadist will be removed. In their place, we’re going to introduce factions:

  • the Unionists – they want all the Taernians to unite and aren't afraid to use force to achieve their goals. For them, a Taernian without a cause is not a Taernian. It’s obvious why the Free Spirits and the Rogues don't like them.
  • the Free Spirits – they have come to like their life in Haligard. Even if they take part in the fight for Taern, they do so out of their own volition, not a sense of duty. The Free Spirits enjoy combat, but they do it mostly for sport and self-improvement. And also to make the Unionists and Rogues leave them alone.
  • the Rogues – they took the path of lawlessness, crime, and perversion. They reject not only the fight for Taern, but also the law and morality. They care only for their own self-interest. They fight for gain and to fulfill their sick desires.

Joining a faction is voluntary, but doing so will be a declaration that you are willing to participate in faction battles. You will also be able to turn on “peaceful mode” and get PvP rewards. You can choose any faction you want, depending on your preferences, and also change it to taste a calmer or more adventurous life.

When you join a faction, you’ll be able to enable/disable peaceful mode to decide if you want to engage in PvP at that moment or not. After all, being able to attack others means that you, too, can be attacked. You can’t have an apple and eat it. ;)

It’s worth noting that enabling peaceful mode won’t mean that you’re leaving your faction. The mode will be sort of a PvP protection on demand. For this reason, we are disabling the two-day PvP protection – from now on, you’ll be the ones in control of your fate (well, maybe except white areas).

What about the areas where attacking and being attacked is currently possible?

  • Players who do not join a faction or who enable peaceful mode won’t be able to participate in PvP in every area other than white.
  • Players with the mode disabled can be attacked also in the following areas: yellow, red, and purple.

At any point (barring a short cooldown or penalties for dishonorable fights), you’ll be able to turn on peaceful mode in most hubs of the world of Broken Ranks (e.g. cities, Garrison, Bough). If you do so, it’ll be impossible to attack you and also you won’t be able to attack others, but you can enjoy all other activities.

Speaking of activities… We’ve mentioned that we want to give you things to do every day as part of the rework. Earlier, we didn’t have quests like these, so we’re sure fans of PvP will be delighted. They will work independently from the daily quests and tasks currently in the game. Every day, each player will get a random selection of faction tasks. They will vary in difficulty and will be PvP-oriented (for example, defeating a certain number of opponents, gaining points, or performing actions in a PvP area). These tasks can only be done by players who join a faction and disable peaceful mode. For completing them, you’ll gain PvP points and shillings (the exact rewards depend on the difficulty of the task).

Points, rankings, benefits

For joining a faction, performing special activities, and defeating players from other factions, you’ll gain points. Collecting points will place you in a special ranking, let you get promoted, and allow you to receive prizes (depending on your standing).

If you collect enough points, you’ll be promoted to a higher rank (there are five ranks in total). However, it won’t be that easy, because you can lose points when you are defeated. The competition will be divided into seasons, each lasting four weeks.

For the points collected, you’ll be given a choice between various rewards: character experience, pet experience, or psychoexperience. You’ll also get the new currency we mentioned above – shillings. You can trade it in a special shop added with the update. The more points you collect and the higher your faction rank, the better the rewards, so… let the hunger games begin!

That’s not all. As you might suspect, factions compete with one another for the number of points gained. As a matter of fact, members of the winning faction will get a special reward at the end of the season that they’ll be allowed to keep for the next season. ;)

*Once each season ends, faction points and the points of the players belonging to them will be reset and the competition will begin anew.

With the changes, the current Hunter and Killer rankings will be removed, but the persons with the best standings will get a commemorative cup (an item) for their achievements. Here is a link to the list of the best PvP players according to the old ranking: CLICK

We hope that the changes to the PvP system will make it more engaging for our veterans and also allow new players to have a lot of fun in the way of their choosing in the world of Broken Ranks. Thank you for being with us!