Monetization part 1: premium currency


Monetization part 1: premium currency

Hello! Many of you haven’t tried our previous game and only saw Broken Ranks on videos or screenshots. You can find basic information about it in our FAQ. We’ll try to keep it updated. It contains answers to a lot of frequently asked questions, many of which are about monetization and the premium currency.

It’s no wonder. After all, it’s one of the most important topics that we haven’t explained in depth yet. We’ll do it in parts to make it even more clear how monetization is going to work in Broken Ranks.


Let’s start with the basics. In Broken Ranks, the premium currency is called platinum. You are in no way required to buy it in order to enjoy the game. At this moment, you might be thinking “But everybody says that, nobody in their right mind would advertise their game as pay to win”. This may be true, BUT…

  • in Broken Ranks, you are free to trade your platinum away, meaning that you can get it from other players in exchange for gold (the non-premium currency), items, or even for free if the other party agrees,
  • the model we use in Broken Ranks is based on our 10 years of experience with our previous game (The Pride of Taern) where the system is almost identical. We must say it’s doing quite well and our community really likes it, too.

To summarize the above, in Broken Ranks all you need to do is use your business acumen and strike deals that are satisfactory for both parties.

For example:
You’ve saved some gold or looted a sword, helmet, or some other item from a boss? That’s great, somebody needs them for sure! You can make a deal with another player to exchange this gold or sword for a good helmet or… for platinum, our premium currency. As you can see, it’s just classic trading - platinum is an item like any other and you can exchange it as you see fit.

Platinum types

Platinum, as an item, can be found in boxes (you can buy/sell boxes of platinum). Currently, there are two types of them in the game: 10 and 50 platinum boxes. There are no limits to how many you can carry or restrictions on trading them.

How to get it in the game?

Apart from getting it from other players in exchange for gold or items, you can acquire platinum in the following ways:

  • reaching certain character levels,
  • as a reward during events.

All of the game’s content is available without the need to purchase platinum, and all valuable items need to be acquired by playing the game and looting them from bosses, special mobs, trading for them, or crafting them.

You now know what platinum is. In the next post of the series, we’ll show you what you can spend it on.