Forefathers’ Eve is just around the corner


Forefathers’ Eve is just around the corner

Greetings, Taernians!

Another event in Broken Ranks is approaching. The clock is ticking, so make sure to find some free time on October 28th and 29th to participate in Forefathers’ Eve! Free repentant souls, fight hordes of the undead, gain experience and reap rewards.

“All is quiet, all is gloom.
What beings in the darkness loom?”

The time has come for the living to aid those who could not cross the threshold of the afterlife… Their penance and eternal wandering are finally coming to an end. Go on, good people, go on – it is time for witchcraft, do not tarry. Prepare for the rites of Forefathers’ Eve.


Forefathers’ Eve will last 30 hours, starting on October 28th (6:00 PM CEST).
At 9:00AM, a new NPC will appear on the maps. The Lyrist will be the herald of the event. Speak to him to immerse yourselves in its atmosphere. Remember that the main part of the event (lasting 30 hours) will start at 6:00 PM CEST.

Rewards and Activities

The rules are simple. Sharpen your weapons and refill mana because you will be facing off against countless undead. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done for them anymore. There are, however, souls that can yet be redeemed… with your help, of course.

Some foes possess items craved by the suffering souls that appear on the maps again and again. From Drowned Man, Arsonist, Thief and Taernian Deserter, you will learn what they need to finally find redemption. For redeeming souls on maps dedicated to your level range, you will be awarded event points. After a certain time, you will be given gold and experience for them.

*NPCs cannot be given items outside of the right level range. Please pay attention to the item descriptions.

Items and NPCs accepting them:

  • Drowned Man – an Oar,
  • Arsonist – a Bucket of Water,
  • Thief – a Coin,
  • Taernian Deserter – a Taernian Sword.

A variety of rewards will be granted for returning the items – boss entries, utility items, and various currencies. Additionally, you’ll earn a lot of experience for defeating the enemies.

For levels 140, a special experience-to-psychoexperience converter will be enabled (it will be applied only to event mobs of level range 111-140).

Locations and level ranges:

  • Bandit Forest, Trentis Hamlet – levels 1-40,
  • Alaril, Khold Forest, Orc Forest – levels 41-80,
  • Khold Mountains, Dmorther Ravine, Plateau – levels 81-110,
  • Garrison, Frozen Lake, Beirn – levels 111-140.

From time to time, champions will be appearing on the maps mentioned above. Defeating them gives a chance to win extra prizes.

Furthermore, two event achievements will be available:

  • for the number of event enemies defeated,
  • for the number of items returned to NPCs.

We hope that many suffering souls will be helped and sent to the afterlife. We wish everyone a lot of fun, a great dose of experience, and deposits brimming with useful items. See you at the event!