Bunny Marathon 2023


Bunny Marathon 2023

Yet another edition of the Bunny Marathon is on the horizon. Make time, get the prizes, and have fun!!

A great event is approaching! The citizens, normally smothered by the grim, ruthless reality, seem to be excited. Their faces express not only despair – there’s also a hint of a smile, as if they weren’t sure if they’re allowed to experience joy. With everyday chores temporarily forgotten, rumors filled with elation have been spreading faster than dirt in the inn.

Unfortunately, the smell of the food, general commotion, and the appearance of the long-awaited Easter Eggs have lured in unwelcome guests. Unfathomable creatures have spread throughout the land, sowing chaos and fear. You can’t let them disrupt the preparations! You have to stand and fight, as any Taernian should. Especially that you can get a lot of combat experience, and fill your deposits and backpacks. Let the Bunny Marathon begin!

If you couldn’t participate in last year’s event or you've simply forgotten, here’s a quick reminder of the event activities.


The Bunny Marathon will last 72h, from April 8th 9AM CEST to April 11th 9AM CEST.

When the event starts, you’ll see a special quest in the questlog. It’ll disappear when the festivities are over.

Prizes and activities

The main prize of the event is a legguards skin. Merchants arriving into Haligard, enraptured by the fine craftsmanship, called it the Legguards of the Thaw.

All you need to do is fulfill the requests of the concerned citizens and face the monsters that cause trouble. After successfully completing 10 tasks, you’ll get 10 formula fragments (one per task). This way, you can make the Furry Fury Formula required to create the legguards (together with other ingredients). You can take the tasks every 80 minutes.

*The legguards skin can only be obtained during the event.
**The skin will be untradable.

The tasks, apart from the fragments needed to make the Legguards of the Thaw, will also reward you with another thing of your choosing: character experience, gold, or pet experience. If you are level 140, you’ll be able to get psychoexp (for drifs), too. There are various tasks for different level ranges.

The event creatures, in addition to experience, will also drop various items: Insect Maps, Platinum Keys, Essences, parts for Selena, and many others… The difficulty of each mob and the loot depends on the map they can be found in. You should definitely group up, these monsters are no easy pickings ;)

The event mobs can be found at:

  • Chicken Heart: Alaril, Crossroads, De Vries Estate, Khold Forest
  • Chickenpoxes: Orc Forest, Khold Mountains, Ravine, Plateau,
  • Lambdas: Garrison and Beirn.

Moreover, in Beirn you’ll be able to encounter the champion Slaughter Lamb. It’ll drop, e.g. dielectrics and reols.

That’s not all. We’re sure you’ll notice colorful Easter eggs lying around. We recommend picking them up. The eggs you collect will be added to your backpack and you’ll need some number of them to make the Legguards of the Thaw. In addition to that, eggs have a chance to contain white items that you can equip or sell at a shop (e.g. Voberg in Trentis).

We’ll also enable experience to psychoexp converter for players level 140 (only Lambdas and Furry Furies).

Since Easter eggs are very rare in Haligard, once the event is over the NPC Poolo Cohello will spawn. In exchange for the eggs, he’ll hand out various prizes containing items like upgrade flasks, platinum keys, and other useful things.

Event tasks and details

The skin tasks can be taken from:

  • Alexander near the Sarmatines Tower (levels 1-29),
  • Witch Hoberl in the Swamp (levels 30-65),
  • Izdirul Althi near the entrance to the Orc Forest (levels 66-89),
  • Malus on the Plateau (levels 90-109),
  • Berer in the Garrison (levels 110-139),
  • Reni in Beirn (levels 140).

*Details about the ingredients needed to create the skin will be given by the NPCs above, so we suggest reading the dialogues.
**The NPCs above will also exchange Formula Fragments for the full Furry Fury Formula required to create the skin.

Once you have all the ingredients, you can create the skin by talking to:

  • Smith Voberg in Trentis (levels 1-29 and 30-65),
  • Frahlump in the Dveir Burrow (levels 66-89),
  • Borghilda in Khemenak (levels 90-109),
  • Alvan on the Plateau (levels 110-139),
  • Verstein in Beirn (levels 140).

Poolo Cohello, who exchanges Easter eggs for random prizes, will appear on April 11th at 9:10AM CEST in Trentis, Beirn, and near Khemenak. Since he’s on his way home and wants to get there quickly, he’ll depart on April 17th at 9AM CEST.


Event skins from previous years and the new body armor skin (Heart of Life) can be found in the premium store during the event (well, a little bit longer, until 9AM CEST on April 17th).

The body armor and the legguards (which won’t be placed in the shop – you’ll have to get your hands dirty) will be parts of a new event set.


What you’re going to do during the event depends entirely on your priorities. Some people need experience, others need to train their pets, yet others would rather collect gold or useful items. Just remember – the most important thing is to have fun in a company of friends! We hope that everyone will find something for themselves here ;)