FAQ update


FAQ update

You’ve been asking us a lot about new things that will be added at the release and whether everything you know from the current version of the game will still be there in Broken Ranks. We’ve updated our FAQ to include these informations.

Will everything we know from Taern be available in Broken Ranks?

Yes, everything you know from The Pride of Taern will be moved to Broken Ranks, but some things will not be available at the release. Some elements that we still want to perfect will be added over time with post-release updates.

Some short, older quests will not be transferred to Broken Ranks and some others were restructured and refreshed. Our goal is to deliver high-quality and engaging content.

The following will not be available at the release:

  • instances: Puppet Master, Castle Specter, Aqua Regis, Valdarog,
  • arena,
  • some sidequests (e.g. those related to the above instances),
  • the models of some champions will be added in a simplified, temporary version (they’ll be finished after the release).

What new features will be available in Broken Ranks?

With the new engine, we have a lot of new possibilities, so we’ve implemented things that until now couldn’t be added. Some of them will be available at the release, some will come with post-release updates.

As far as new features that will be available at the release go, we’ll have, among others:

  • updated character creator with the possibility to choose your skin tone,
  • world map with an exploration section,
  • hidden treasures,
  • new, larger guild headquarters map,
  • tutorials that will explain the basics of the game mechanics to new players,
  • new prologue with a new intro,
  • refreshed quests and additional sidequests,
  • completely new interface,
  • new gear skins,
  • synergetics – a completely new item type,
  • basic and advanced party finder,
  • new language versions,
  • new mechanics in old locations (e.g. the Specters instance and the entrance to it),
  • refresh, redesign, expansion of maps,
  • redesigned character development and rewards,
  • refreshed AI of some bosses and mobs,
  • new music and sound effects,
  • many other miscellaneous features that you’ll discover in January.

Moreover, many things have changed both visually (mobs, areas, attach animations, etc.) and functionally, e.g. all maps are now bigger.